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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  September 10, 2016 1:42am-2:10am EDT

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since 1884 but today came crumbling down or like melted away. with a day time high of 95 degrees this is now the hottest september night in philadelphia history and tomorrow even more intense heat is coming meaning another record may fall. it is friday night jim is off i'm brian taff and the big story on action news is the sweltering heat wave shattering records in several local cities and more brewel temperatures to come and action news reporter bob brooks is sweating it out with springstein but we first are with cecily tynan. >> people are tired of the heat, the 7th and the 44th day this year of temperatures this the 90s, the heat wave started on 90, 91, yesterday 95 and today 95 degrees, that's a new record breaking that record of 94 that stood for 132 years and we had a lot of record highs across the
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region. wilmington philadelphia and trenton all record highs of 95. dover 96. that's a new record atlantic city airport new record high of 96. and even areas that didn't set record highs certainly very warm and reddening 93 and allentown 92 and two places to go to escape the heat poconos and cape may not as intense as inland 88 degrees. but tonight you step outside and you can really feel the moisture in the air, dew points in the 70s, that is suppooppressive an where they will stay and temperatures likely about a notch higher tomorrow than today. right now temperatures dropping into the 70s in allentown but still 87 degrees this philadelphia and that excessive heat watch has been extended now until 7:00 tomorrow, no rain tonight to really alleviate any of the heat tomorrow until 7:00 that is excessive heat watch but tracking a cold front tomorrow night and bring a change in our weather and talk more about that in the accuweather seven-day
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forecast brian. >> see you shortly and let's switch live to action news reporter bob brooks in south philadelphia and bob to big concerts adding a lot of body heat to the atmosphere down there. >> good evening that is a good way to put it there is a lot of body heat down there and thousands in the ballpark for bruce springston and adele at wells fargo and her concert just ending and people leaving and despite that people had fun even though it was brutal heat and got creative with beating the heat and you are about to see great stories from two women who were determined to go to these shows no matter what. the heat today certainly was brutal but it definitely did not stop anyone from having preshow adele and bruce springston fun and worked around it setting up a tailgate randomly under a tree >> sweaty. >> or the solar panels at the k lodge. >> my sister said let's go under the awning and my sister said
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yes let's go under awning and worked out perfectly. >> or buy tiny chairs with roofs on them. >> it was so hat that carol and jackie nicholson decided to stay in the car until the wells fargo opened up for adele. >> are you tailgating in the car. >> yes listen to adele it's too hot. >> heat or not and sharon and her daughter meagan were coming tonight look at her sign sharon says the boss and his music helped her beat breast cancer. >> thank you bruce for helping me get through breast cancer. i'm a philadelphia school nurse and get your mammograms done for all you women out there. >> alex allen says she is braving the heat to see the boss and spread awareness about drunk driving. >> i was this a motor vehicle accident and injured by a drunk driver. >> we will lift her up in the wheelchair and her sign says bruce come and dance with me. >> back out live the music is a
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powerful thing and again in speaking with sharon and alex you could tell no matter how hot it was those two were going into the bruce springston concert tonight and he is still going strong and started at 7:30 and live in south philadelphia bob brooks channel six action news brian. >> great fans dedicated bob thank you. a police standoff in west philadelphia ended tonight with swat officers raiding a house a suspect shot in the leg and a woman authorities say he shot also in the hospital. all this began as a 911 call of a disturbance and screaming at a home in 200 south milik street at 4:30 and they knocked to talk to a door on the side and a man behind her opened fire, a bullet hit her arm. >> gunfire erupted almost immediately, the police they wisely took cover outside. that male actually discharged again when they got outside and then they returned fire.
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but in terms of what this was about we do not know. >> the woman in her 20s was able to run away and police did get her to the hospital, four children were still inside. a standoff ensued. police negotiated to the suspect's mom before eventually going inside after taking the suspect in custody they took him to the hospital, he has not been identified as of this hour. he was shot 7 times while on duty but tonight just 2 1/2 months later the police officer christopher dorman is back on the job and action news reporter dan spoke to the officer as he went on patrol again for the first time and dan a truly incredible cop here. >> that's right brian some 2 1/2 months after being shot multiple times in the line of duty hero copy chris dorman could not wait to get back to work and you would think after what he went through he would be a little apprehension, not this guy. dressed this his police uniform
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and looking sharp as a button 25-year-old christopher dorman was back on the job as far as he is concerned not soon enough. >> i'm not very good at sitting around and sitting at my house watching t.v. was kind of boring. >> recommendable when dorman was shot 7 time back on june 24. [gunshots] shot fired. >> he was responding to a routine call police get everyday someone smoking and selling drugs but the alleged man in question 33 island aka abdul got out of federal prison and had no intention of going back. >> i'm shot, i'm shot. >> dorman was shot once in the face, four time in the chest and once in the groin and once in the leg doctors say it was very fortunate he was wearing his bulletproof vest. >> i would have come back sooner if i could. >> the chief says this guy dorman is the real deal. >> he wants to come back to work after what he went through, it's easy to just give it up you know i don't want to do that no more and what i've been through and
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but he wants to go back he wanted to come back from day one. it's great having him back i can tell you that he is a good nice excellent young man. >> dorman has no apprehension about being back on the streets. >> any other day you go out and do my job. >> if anything dorman was made stronger by all the love and support he received from his colleagues. >> i do not consider them coworkers anymore they are my brothers and sisters. >> and with that officer chris dorman was back on the streets of his beloved full kropff where he was born and raised working the so called graveyard shift from 6:00 p.m. to 6 a.m., live in full kropff delaware county i'm dan channel six action news brian. >> a lot of support around that young man and glad to have him back thank you. the woman driving a car who tried to run down philadelphia police last night has been identified. the female operator is 33-year-old erica avala and the police said it started when
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officers tried to stop a stolen jeep driving in the wrong direction in port richman and she tried to run down an officer which prompted officers to open fire. she then took off leaving police on a chase and ended when she crashed this a van on richmond and ann and no officers were injured. thomas jefferson university are merging and health syrianss versus textile are on opposite ends of the spectrum and the largest with 7500 with two campuses and get a new yet to be decided name. still cotomorrow and action news a breakthrough plan for peace in syria turns a rival into an ali and wait until you hear how the driver made it out alive and the
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best selling samsung smartphone why the government is telling you to turn it off tonight cecily. >> temperatures soared up to 95 today and could be hotter tomorrow but much cooler air waiting in the wings and will be getting here, i will let you know when in the accuweather seven-day forecast. plus ducis rodgers with an emotional alan iverson inducted in the basketball hall of fame tonight that and much more when action news continues tonight.
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how did this suv end up dangling precariously a high tension cable got wrapped around the wheels saving the driver from a deadly plunge and 24-year-old man says while parking he was not able to stop it and broke through the 9th floor flipped
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end over end before getting caught in the wire suspending it in mid air and he climbed out of the window back in the parking structure incredibly he was not hurt police say that is thanks to him wearing a seat belt and of course certainly a huge dose of luck. it's a remarkable warning tonight stop using your phone turn it off leave it off and do not plug it in to charge it that is what government safety officials are telling hundreds of thousands of owners of the brand new samsung galaxy 7 there is a danger the batteries can blowup. it reportedly happened 35 times including setting a jeep on fire right now there is no official recall but samsung released a statement for owners to exchange their phones for a different device. the problem is replacement versions have not yet been approved as a remedy by the consumer product safety commission and faa is asking note 7 owners do not use them in
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flights or show them this checked baggage out of the same fear that battery igniting in flames while on board. the u.s. and russia have announced the ground breaking alliance in syria in a new effort to end the blood shed both sides brokered a nationwide ceasefire on monday concised with the muslim holiday a week later we will begin the unprecedented russian and american partnership targeting i.s.i.s. and al-qaeda and delivering humanitarian aid to civilians and the russian back assad regime is compared to comply according to the russian foreign minister and john kerry called it a turning point in the five-year-old and very deadly conflict. ♪ donald trump once again refused to give any specifics about his national security plans today and said hillary clinton giving details of hers and called it irresponsible to talk about plans because in his words it
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would only help our enemies and republican nominee was talking about yesterday's provocation by north korea test firing and another nuclear weapon and said it is the result of clinton's massive failure as secretary of state and clinton huddled with the by partisan group of national security experts in new york and includes top republicans who are supporting her over trump. she said north korea's latest test calls for tougher sanctions on the communist nation and increased pressure on china to deal with it but also said that trump is not running a serious campaign and that as you hear her saying everyday that goes by it's quote more and more of a reality television show. socks stumbled and as wall street worried the federal reserve will raise interest rates this month. it's not done that since last december. as a result the market has the worst day since june the doe dropping nearly 400 points and wiping out to months of gradual gain and s&p and nasdaq fell 2
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1/2% and stocks might be falling temperatures are rising today. record setting day and tomorrow may be more of the same. >> tomorrow we could tie the record of 97 feeling more like 102 but it does cool off on sunday and it's not all bad news, storm tracker six live double scan showing that we have rain free conditions here, there is a cluster of some thunderstorms across central pennsylvania moving to the northeast could be clipping the poconos overnight but this evening a nice night for chopper six to take flight over center city probably a good night to be in the air since with the adele concert, the springstein concert and traveling is tough and he will be playing more than an hour on wednesday night i was great. want to share this with viewers and this was posted on my facebook page from avalon new jersey beautiful sunset and see a kayak on there and a nice end
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to a summer day and had 44 days this year of temperatures in the 90s and only had five years of more days that that the record back in 2010, 55 days in the 90s hopefully we will not get near to that but looking at two more days this week. the heat index right now makings it feel 87 in philadelphia, millville 87, trenton 85, reddening 84, certainly still very warm out there and satellite six along with action radar showing again there is a cluster of thunderstorms that could be clipping the poconos what i'm waiting for that will change our weather pattern is a cold front, it's well across the midwest. this system will be rolling through overnight tomorrow night so ahead of it we get winds out of the southwest and tonight is sultry very warm 78 degrees in philadelphia allentown 72 cape may 75 and wilmington 74 degrees and tomorrow the heat is on with the winds out of the southwest ahead of that cold front we bump
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the temperature up to 97 degrees. that heat index about 102 so oppressive and that front rolls through overnight and could bring a few showers and thunderstorms not i'm pressed with the amount of moisture but what this will do is change our wind direction on sunday. winds out of the northwest and the humidity will be dropping as we head through the day, 86 degrees some clouds to start some sunshine by the afternoon. it's going to feel a lot better than tomorrow. if you are down the shore warm and muggy 89 that ocean temperature 74 degrees. on sunday it will be cooler 83 degrees but that is a land breeze not a sea breeze so the green heads will probably be biting down the shore but generally it's looking to be a nice beach weekend. exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast rececord tying heat an drink lots of water at temple and union and sunday behind the front it's breezy and noticeably less humid and 86 degrees and nice for the eagles game and
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monday spectacular low humidity not a cloud in the sky 83 degrees. still pretty nice and 86 and then we spike at 90 degrees on wednesday but it's a one hit wonder because a cold front brings us a round of thunderstorms and behind this we really get our first early taste of fall. temperatures on thursday actually one degree below normal. 77 degrees and friday low humidity and comfortable with a high of 79 degrees. something for everyone in the forecast except for rain. we could use a couple days of good soaking rain not going to get it but we have cooler weather on the way. >> our lawn is a dust bowl. >> very brown. >> very upset about it cecily thank you and alan iverson has emotional message for fans tonight as he accepting his highest honor in sports. we will be right back. p?p?o?gv
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you know a lot can be said about the career of alan iverson and
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he played for the fans of philadelphia. >> abs an emotional humble raw and thankful that was alan iverson during his induction ceremony and ia gave the speech of the night and broke down several times thanking the people who helped him along the way to an amazing career and all-star and rookie of the year and mvp and accomplishments are too long to list as i mentioned he also had a special bond with the fans here. >> philly fans. [cheering] my relationship with the fans in philadelphia is like no other. [cheering] thank you and thank you y'all for the support over the years. y'all let me grow. y'all let me make my mistakes, never jumped off the bandwagon and continue to support me like true fans are supposed to.
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>> good for him. eagles season is almost here and they will face the browns this the opener. if you are getting anxious for the season to begin imagine how the players feel. >> guys are excited to finally play a game of football and there has been so much outside noise per se going on with this team throughout the off season obviously a lot of changes but guys are extremely excited about this team and character of the team will be revealed on sunday. >> stay connected with the action news sports team and jamie jeff and i will be on twitter during the eagles game to offer insights to what is happening down on the field. phillies down 4-1 and cameron a 3-run homer and the game tied at 4 and 15th homer of the season and bottom of the 9th and they get a walk off homer with two outs, the second long ball of the game. the phillies lose 5-4.
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that is sports. >> ducis rodgers thanks very much the heat did not stop a good turn out for the 12th peace not guns basketball game in south philadelphia. the event is hosted by counselman johnson, the idea behind the game is improve the relationship between police and the community. sixers players ben simmons and brandon paul and narrator: terrorism here at home. fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve
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this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole.
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high school huddle is next on channel six followed by jimmy kimmel live and the guest is eddie murphy and milwaukee from school boy q and we continue with gray hall and for cecily tynan and jim gardner and ducis rodgers and hope you have a good night and watch this. [laughter]
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